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Actually, Libby’s story begins with you - women who are striving to adopt healthy habits, maintain decent health, but often feel inexplicably "off." You may feel tired, anxious, unbalanced, or rarely gratified, and it's frustrating. Until now, there hasn't been a solution designed specifically for you.

At Libby, we set out to change that. We've brought together top experts in health and women's wellness to create a holistic system that adapts to your unique body, helping you reach your wellness potential and feel like the best version of yourself, regardless of your stage in life.

Our team rigorously considers every aspect that goes into Libby, from clinical-grade ingredients sourced from around the world, to formulations calibrated for proven efficacy, and state-of-the-art packaging designed to protect ingredient potency. We don't take shortcuts or compromise on our promise to deliver only the best.

Join us on our mission to improve the well-being of women everywhere, starting with you. Our story begins with you, and we're committed to making sure it ends with you feeling your best.

What We Stand For

    Radically Different Approach

    At Libby, we believe that foundational female health starts with cellular health. From mitochondrial function to microbiome balance, cellular function is complex, so we take an integrated approach to helping you support and feed your cells.  And when you support and feed your cells, you build your own foundational health.

    Yes, we take a radical approach to women's wellness - it's not about selling products, but finding solutions that work. Our mission is to speak to the purpose of Libby and the future of women's wellness.

    As a privately-owned company, we're not beholden to shareholders, but to our customers. We prioritize successful outcomes over profits to ensure our products are substantially better.

    Substantially Better Formulas and Ingredients 

    We’re not here to mess around, our crafted formulas are designed to work: 

    - Clinically-proven plant potency
    - Sourced for potency, from the same farms used in the clinical trials 
    - Only quantities and parts of the plant that actually make a difference  
    - Only clean ingredients 
    - Scientific and integrated formulations
    - Products you can see and feel working

    Our precisely crafted products are made from the finest, clinically-tested ingredients from around the world, perfectly calibrated to work together for optimal efficacy and packaged to protect the power of these ingredients.

    Uniquely Yours

    We have more in common than we have differences. But every woman’s body, her environment and her life choices are different.

    Our formulas were built from listening to women's needs and working backwards. We know that our formulas are working, but we also know it is impossible for them to be working for every woman in the same way.

    What is most important to us is that they are working for you. 

    Which is why we are actively developing THE LIBBY CARE PROGRAM, to always be listening and learning how to best help you and build support for your unique body and your foundational health.  Stay tuned for updates.

    We’re listening.  Talk to us.

    Our Team

    Not all experts are the best experts.  Our Team is a select group of groundbreaking thinkers, innovators and change agents in health and medicine who have been getting results by doing things differently.  We have your back.  Because they have ours.

      Dr. Stephanie McClellan, MD

      Medical Advisor

      When Dr. McClellan began her career over 30 years ago, she diagnosed a critical element missing in women’s healthcare:  empathy.  So, instead of just opening another practice, she co-created the experience with her patients—designing it around their unique and complex wants and needs.  A healthcare experience where they would finally have a voice and be heard.  

      Her groundbreaking model grew to be one of the most successful private practices on the west coast— validating the need for an innovative, patient-centric approach. Breaking down the silos of medicine, Dr. McClellan  built a clinical bridge between the “lab bench and the bedside” literally changing the entire industry’s view on women’s care. 

      After chairing the OB-GYN Department at one of California’s top hospitals, she founded a nationally-renowned Women’s Health Institute that quickly became a model across the country.  She’s authored the best selling book, So Stressed: The Ultimate Stress Relief Plan for Women,has served on multiple professional medical boards, and has become a go-to expert for many national and international media outlets, including BBC Radio, The Montel Williams Show and Good Morning America.  

      Dr McClellan’s philosophy on care has driven her to seek out the most progressive and effective solutions to women’s unique challenges today.  Standards she’s found with Libby.  We’re humbled to have her on our team.