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Women's Sexual Health in 2021

  • 5 min read

Women's Sexual Health in 2021

Sexual Health and Wellbeing Now

Over the course of the pandemic, society and popular media has paid more attention to the demands of juggling both a career and family that are placed on many modern women. As remote schooling for kids and lack of childcare became the temporary norm over the past 18 months, it shone a spotlight on the pressures modern women face.

For many women, a satisfying healthy sex life is an important aspect of happy romantic relationships and overall quality of life. Due to the emotional toll of the pandemic, women's sexual health has been impacted in complex ways, too.

Maybe you are in a long term relationship, or maybe you're just starting to date again after a period of living alone (or with family). In either case, when even the New York Times is talking about a "healing girl summer," you know that it's important to talk about different aspects of sexual health, and how to take care of them so you can improve your wellbeing.

Mental and Sexual Health

According to a Harvard Medical School, "a range of physical, psychological, interpersonal, and social factors influence a woman's sexual health. Sex requires amazing connections between the sex organs, hormone-producing glands, the brain, and the rest of the body. If one part is out of whack, the desire for sex may fade, or the ability to have sex may be compromised". A conversation about sexual health is also a conversation about overall mental health and wellbeing.

Feeling safe, relaxed, and comfortable is crucial for women to have fulfilling sex lives. Chronic stress, anxiety, and down moods — these all have ruinous effects on sex drive, whether by directly lessening desire, negatively impacting sleep (which in turn impacts the desire to have sex), or even via a physical impact on your ability to have sex (there exists a direct relationship between stress and physical sexual dysfunction).

If you're chronically stressed (which is not uncommon these days) you may not want to go to the doctor for yet more prescription medication. Fortunately, there are safe and effective nature-based ingredients that have been used for centuries to ease anxiety and improve moods, whose effectiveness is now being confirmed by science.

Saffron is not just the classic ingredient in a lot of Persian and Spanish cooking. Saffron also has powerful anti-depressant qualities. In fact, compounds in saffron operate on many of the same neural pathways that prescription anti-depressants do, and support the neurotransmitters that balance your mood.

Physically, saffron can protect your body against the oxidative stress produced by anxiety. It can helps put you in the mood — even if the sexual dysfunction you're experiencing is a side effect of prescription antidepressants. Saffron has been shown to help regulate sleep so you wake up feeling rested. And we all know that when we’re feeling rested and restored, it’s easier to get in the mood. 

Libby, a daily supplement, contains Affron®, a standardized, proprietary saffron extract that is non-GMO, organic, non-irradiated, and produced according to the highest standards of potency and quality, to help boost your mood and ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

Energy and Sexual Health

Sexual wellbeing requires motivation and energy, commodities that can be in short supply these days. Motivation and energy can be negatively impacted by a range of daily stresses (like the depressing headlines we have been confronted with daily), poor nutrition, aging, lack of physical activity, and general inflammation. Panax Notoginseng is highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which it is also referred to as San Qi — "more precious than gold." The benefits of this gnarly root include:

  • supporting the cardiovascular central nervous systems;
  • repairing mitochondria, which are responsible for producing most of the chemical energy required to power our cellular biochemical reactions;
  • managing natural cell death and the clearing out of old, damaged cells, essential for our overall health;
  • increasing antioxidant function inside cells, to suppress destructive free radical activity;
  • reducing inflammation, including neuroinflammation, which in turn helps reduce anxiety, down moods, and insomnia.

Energy is linked to mental and physical health — and sexual health is linked to all three. Libby is formulated to support women's energy needs every day with Ginseng Plus®, an extract that maximizes the most effective saponins (or components) within ginseng, to best reduce inflammation, enhance sleep and circulation, and help you enjoy richly fulfilling days — and nights. 

Furthermore, Libby combines ginseng with other key ingredients that support energy and overall wellbeing. These include theacrine, a naturally-occurring alkaloid compound that has been shown in studies to boost energy and concentration, without the jitters caused by caffeine. Theacrine reduces fatigue and at a hormonal level activates signals in the brain that are associated with motivation and pleasurable goals — like sex.

Nutrition and Sexual Health

Sometimes the barrier to sexual intimacy can be physical, including poor circulation. Quality nutrition is an important part of sexual health for this reason. 

One critical compound you may not have heard of is nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide (which we can help our bodies produce by eating nitrate-rich vegetables like kale, beets, and arugula) is a signaling molecule in our body and plays a crucial role in controlling inflammation and vasodilation. Too little nitric oxide in the body can mean there's not enough blood flow. This includes vaginal blood flow, a physical building block for healthy, enjoyable sex. 

Too little nitric oxide can also mean less production of hormones related to feelings of intimacy. Your nitric oxide levels could be suffering because of diet; even if you are eating enough vegetables, their nitrate levels rely on soil levels being sufficient, and these can be depleted. NO levels can also decrease due to age, lack of exercise, common medications like antidepressants, birth control pills or antibiotics, pollution, or stress. 

Libby's daily wellness supplement contains enough potassium nitrate, the potassium salt that your body converts to nitric oxide, to help your cells communicate better with each other. Libby also contains ascorbic acid (aka Vitamin C), which helps your body convert potassium nitrate to nitric oxide, and also helps boost neurotransmitters and reduce free radicals. Libby's dose of ergothioneine, a compound found in mushrooms, helps to protect your DNA and support both your neurological and cellular health, too. 

Boost Your Wellness, Boost Your Sexual Health

Women’s sexual health relies on a web of connections between body, mind and spirit. Your relationships and all the other moving parts of your life will always play a role in your sexual wellbeing, but if you want to take control of the aspects you can help — mental, physical, and nutritional — try Libby

Libby's high-quality ingredients can help your mood, manage your stress, increase your energy — and boost your sexual health.